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You can easily go through life drinking tea every other day and never drink the same tea twice. There are thousands of different tea types and yet it all comes from the same plant, none other than Camellia sinensis.

So how can they all be so different, you might wonder. Our passion at TeeMaa is to make tea a journey where everyone can learn to know tea. Sharing tea together requires no common spoken language, and yet it builds bridges across cultures around the globe. Tea is the very language of friendship and kindness, shared by billions every day.

Besides the shop and tea room at Annankatu, Helsinki, we organise public and private tastings to guide you through the vivid history of tea and contemporary tea culture, as well as how to brew, taste and enjoy tea. We curate a unique selection of the most finest teas, sourced directly form the producers in China, Japan and Nepal. We cherish the variety of delicate flavours the tea plant itself and natural processing are able to produce. No artificially flavoured teas. After all, a cup of tea is no cupcake.

We want to be at the forefront of creating a new tea culture with our beloved customers and friends, making it easy and enjoyable for everyone to start the tea journey today.

Besides visiting our physical shop, please enjoy browsing our tea and tea-ware selection, as well as learning more about tea on our web store!

Our Services

Tea Tasting
A journey of aroma, tastes and wonders.
Tea School
Dive deep into the world of tea.
Tea solution for offices & tea gift ideas for your staff and clients.
Tea wholesale for HORECA customers and retailers. Tea training included.