TeeMaa Team

The ladies behind TeeMaa are Peng and Xinyuan. They came to Finland for studying a decade ago and fell in love with the country and people here. Since then, tea and the tea house have become their way to share their culture and their happiness, with everyone who has come across way with TeeMaa. “Ichi-go ichi-e”, treasure every moment we share together with tea.

She grew up at the countryside of Anhua, which is a famous tea region for Hunan Heicha” fermented dark tea. She received her tea education in Changsha Art of Tea School in 2012.
She found her passion of tea during her journey of researching China’s traditional culture, when she was studying in Oulu University in Finland. She received her tea education in Zhengzhou Art of Tea School in 2014.

Teemaa wants to develop a new tea culture, easy to access and blended with everyday life.

Welcome to get to know our selection at our brick-and-mortar shop at Annankatu 19 in Helsinki Finland. We organize public and private tea tasting, where you will be guided to explore our unique teas and learn more about tea brewing. You can register the public tastings and workshops through our webstore or order it as a gift fro friends and families. We are constantly having new tastings and events - and we will inform about those in our social media.


We are passionate about brewing tea, and we want to infuse the same passion for our guests by making every kind of tea through the optimal method. For many teas, this means the Chinese Gongfu brewing style, where a small amount of water is brewed with a relatively large amount of leaves, which allows tea to express themselves the best. We also make Japanese teas in their original and typical way in Japan: gyokuro is made in a susuricha style with a small amount of warm water, and in matcha we make a nice dense foam.

When tea comes more than a beverage, it takes you on a journey. Every journey needs a guide. Our Tea House is a place where you can explore and experience tea with the guidance of our tea specialists. Welcome!